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Do you need funds to start your business? Our team will provides you with financing supports and advices in financing strategies using finetech processes.

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We believe in niche markets engaged for a better life. Our engineering skills improve the quality of your business model and marketing strategy.

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We provide bio-tech and clean-tech strategic, financing, and marketing supports


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Feeding the world differently…now! We do believe this aphorism is mandatory for a better world and for a better life. Too much waists as a consequence of empirical nutritional strategies. Aviwell proposes heuristics innovating microbiota bases strategies for the development of farm animals to feed the world according to the human needs and no more! For those who do believe so, please let’s follow us up!

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The gut microbiome hides so many secrets for life. uncovering such mysteries should be the spring of a better life. Predicting, diagnosing, treating diseases by targeting the cause rather than the consequence is a wining strategy. We got envolved in this company thanks to their leaders who made us dream of a better pharmaceutical strategy where drugs will be safe and efficient since targeting the cause (the microbiome) rather than the consequence of the disease. A microbiota based company that will be a cornerstone for our better future.

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A smart therapeutic peptide based company. The gut is a major heatlh driver since it has its own « brain: the second brain »!. The scientists discovered that in the luminal side of the gut numerous small peptides are released that control the « second brain ». They uncovered the intimate molecular mechanisms of that brain which controls numerous physiological functions thereby improving health. Enterosys strategy is to develop therapeutic peptides that trigger the intestinal brain without entering the body avoiding systemic deleterious impacts related to non specific and systemic actions. This novel strategy should dramatically reduce the amount of pharmaceutical molecules requires to be efficient. Hence less molecules produced and released in the Nature. The use of natural peptides as drugs targeting the gut should be safe and more efficient : a better solution for treating diseases. We do believe at TEMA that this first in line strategy will help reduce too numerous chemical based strategies.

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More than 85,000t of biowaste are incinerated every year in Bordeaux, France. A nonsense when you know that all this material can be transformed into a valuable matter.

To this aim BicyCompost was funded! The start-up collects biowaste from professionals such as restraurants, grocery stores and offices. Biowastes are collected by human and electric powered bikes and transformed into organic compost by a low tech mechanical composter downtown in Halles du Faubourg. No CO2 emission and circular economy are the leitmotiv of BicyCompost. Clients are ready to pay the price for this ecofriendly service.

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